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They love to chant the creed.  Heres 1000 soldiers doing it at once!

The Entrance

These guys know how to make an entrance.  Wait for it!

Final March

This is the final march in the Company.  Next stop, hug your family!!!.

Army Creedby Drill Sargent

Good to hear the leaders saying it too.  Lead by example

Singing the Anthem

The Army band sang the national anthem for the crowd

The Captain Speaks

He may be an Army guy but he's got a sense of humor too!

Proud to be an American

What would an Army graduation be without this song

The Singer

This guy was the singer the soldiers had etnertain them.  WHen your in basic, it doesnt take much so glad he was there.

FInding Dylan in the Crowd

This is the first family Dylan has seen in months, its a tear jerker